Feature film budget $10m US

   Davy Johnson survives a tragic mining accident that
claims 13 lives.  After hospitalisation, he tells his crew about a VEIN OF GOLD
he believes he saw during the accident – Welsh Gold, the rarest in the world! 

“There’s no gold where there’s coal” they tell him, but a retired miner, Old Man
Avery, believes him, and before his death, bequeaths Davy an old suitcase of
maps that point to the location of the Mother Lode. 

In response to the pit accident, the miners go on strike.  The Unions picket the gate.

Under the cover of night, Davy convinces his sceptical crew to go on a secret night
‘recce’ underground – and break in to their mine!  With little time left before the
sun comes up, it’s not looking good for Davy.  But just then they find a single nugget
of gold.  They race to the surface before their quest is discovered.

So, sworn to a Marra blood oath and unable to tell a soul, especially their wives,
they decide to enter the mine in broad daylight as SCABS.  Breaking the picket lines,
th ey are scorned by fellow striking miners, none of whom realise that Davy and his
crew are really seeking to save their jobs and community.

What if their wives find out what they’re really doing?  Will they find the gold to buy
the mine and secure their futures, without arousing the suspicion of their N.C.B
bosses who are plotting to close the mine. 

This comedy ‘feel-good’ drama is set against the zeitgeist of Britain in 1969. 
The crew’s quest - deep into Mother Earth - mirrors the American Apollo moon
mission as Woodstock plays on...


"Full Monty - Down a Mine"

captures the essence of this feel-good comedy-drama!


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