Thank you for your interest in Unizarre International Film & Television Productions Ltd.

It is with pleasure that we are able to present details relating to our Project
Development Fund investment packages for consideration of Investors.

The total production budget for the current Unizarre portfolio is in the region
of US $ 500 million and with investment packages available for all projects.

With such a diverse range of projects throughout numerous countries it is
understandable therefore that individual investment packages and funding
schemes will vary considerably from project to project.

Notes below are therefore provided to indicate a general guideline only and may vary according to specific projects.

Areas covered:
1. Project Production Funding
2. Development Fund
3. Investment Procedure Summary
4. Sponsors & Sponsorship
5. Chain of Title


Total Production Funding as above to consist of corporate and/or personal
equity investments and other funding and co-production deals and finalization
of key sponsors for all projects.




The Development Fund is the sum total required to develop the various scripts
and concepts into a structure suitable for presentation to those investors willing
to finance the overall production costs.


The Development Fund is integral to the successful procurement of Financing, but with the higher level of associated risk, it is also structured to provide the investors with higher than normal returns.


As with any investment we do advise any potential investor to consult their
accountants / solicitors before any agreements are entered into.


Development Fund investments are made without any obvious collateral and should be undertaken with the knowledge that recoupments are based entirely on the project’s performance in the market.

Individual investors will enter into a contractual agreement with

Unizarre International Film & TV Productions Ltd

(and/or where applicable any other company 'vehicle' set up to support the individual projects ) where the principal investment is repaid to the investor as soon as recoupment allows.


Recoupment will be forwarded once sales have completed in participating territories and after financiers have recouped their positions within the project financing.


The Development Fund will provide working capital for Unizarre International to
complete the following:


• Script rights purchases - Step deals (usual)

• Script development - Script Editor fees

• Producer’s travel expenses re sales/distribution markets/ Pre-sales financing

• Appointment of Director and other key personnel

• Appointment of principle cast

• Administration

• Production of: Key artwork / Presentation materials / Support documents

• Preliminary location scouting

• Line Producer’s fees - Budget / Scheduling

• Script duplication / postage

• Website design and maintenance

• Office overheads

• Producer’s legal costs

• Research expenses





a. Investment levels will vary according to project.

b. Once the level of investment has been determined by the Investors, Unizarre
will issue a letter of confirmation, outlining the principles of the agreement.


c. A contract based on principles of the agreement will be issued by Attorneys.

All investment funds will be paid to Unizarre International or alternative
company 'vehicle' set up specifically for the project(s) invested into..





There are major global opportunities available for UK, USA, European, and worldwide Sponsorship and 'product placement' on several of Unizarre's international film & TV projects for all interested potential sponsors should contact David Bowles (CEO) directly (see the Contact page) outlining in brief a summary of their respective sponsorship interest and/or participation.





This site and concepts, projects, storylines and script(s) for all projects are fully owned by & copyright of Unizarre International Film & TV Productions Ltd. and/or their partners.


There will be associated USA and UK organizations teaming up together within the global framework of ‘Unizarre International ’ to develop, produce, and market the various global projects within the Unizarre portfolio. Upon the successful procurement of Development Fund investment, the chain of title may possibly be transferred to another entity to facilitate production development and direct investment/sponsorship.






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