Episodic TV docu-drama series - Series 1 budget $10m US


Domestic Violence affects us all…. If we are not directly exposed to it we all know someone who has suffered. Likewise we all relate to a Film/Mini series/TV Series which documents the dramas and terrors documented from actual true cases...cases where on the outside, everyone appears very ‘normal’!

In this Series we dramatize actual true cases and events which includes an in-depth examination of the people involved - the women, children, and families. The project will explore and witness the physical, emotional, psychological, mental, financial, and other abuses. We examine the breakdown of relationships and the heart-wrenching struggles and tears of broken lives, broken limbs, and so many broken families before, during, and after the events. Through the eyes of a Shelter Team we face the truths and the dangers as they emerge through the lives and fears) of all those involved.

Multi-episodic TV Drama Series on ‘Domestic Violence’- dramatized in
the well-tested style of ‘ER’ and ‘Law & Order’ rather than usual documentary
style. Witnessing how the victims (and perpetrators and witnesses alike)
face their realities.

Initially consisting of 13 x 1 hour (approx) Episodes with potential to roll
over to several numerous further Series/Episodes. Film/Mini-Series also available.

Dependant upon budget. Would be ideal to be able to shoot on Film, but
from a financial standpoint more likely to shoot perfectly acceptable but much
cheaper quality product on Broadcast Quality Digi Beta or similar with ‘film effect’

Aimed at major market Networks and with bonus of International Broadcasting.
Expected to bring major focus of international attention and awareness to both
the Series and the subject.

Project will also incorporate an initial ‘lead-in’ Documentary to Series and the politics behind the funding and organization of Domestic Violence. Actual Series will be both dramatic and horrifyingly ‘real’ in reconstruction of actual domestic violence cases and in the raising of international awareness to the problem.

The Documentary lead-in will enhance the series by investigating both USA and UK setups and various national shelter/refuge organizations.

Both Series and Doc explore the differences and the ways that each nation deals with and handles domestic violence - as well as examining the horrendous problems and challenges facing not only victims, but also families and people around them, and the perpetrators themselves.





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