Episodic TV series - budget $1m US

Having been involved in investigating the Paranormal over many years, the Author and colleagues have amassed wealth of knowledge and Film & TV footage. The Book & TV Documentary Series/Show investigates existence of the Paranormal but in a uniquely styled USA/UK format.


There have been many Shows expounding the Paranormal but most attempting
to DISprove its existence. By means of this multi-episodic TV Show exploring those  of us who have had a 'first experience' of a supernatural or paranormal kind, combined with dramatised reconstruction of actual events, evidential film, and specialist and celebrity discussion we hope to PROVE the existence of the numerous manifestations of the worlds of the Supernatural, Spiritual, and the Paranormal.


A unique format has been developed whereby this TV Show/Series will be combining both American and UK audiences as well as live satellite discussion and transmission so as to ensure a close relation with 'reality' viewing.


Project Notes:

Current negotiations are ongoing with potential Production companies in USA (LA) and UK.

Our main aim, however, is to secure a Production Partner with abilities and capabilities to maximise marketability and sales potential via Networks both across USA and UK as well as the rest of the world.


Currently both an American Medium/Psychic, several 'Specialists in their respective Paranormal fields, and a UK Presenter/Anchorwoman have been identified for possible leading and hosting of the Show - but as with other projects, until such persons have been contracted in place, there is still considerable scope for other possibilities and suggestions from other would-be
Contributors and Investors / Funders / Sponsors / Producers






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