html5 video by ThunderSoft    The Arapaho Indian Nation (along wIth other Indian and ancient civilisations)
   are an ancient people with roots of learning and wisdom buried deep within
   their legendary annals of time.

Over the centuries their ancient philosophies and beliefs in their traditions
survive and appeal not only to themselves but also to all races across the
world both today and into next Millennia.

They believe that Mankind grows and develops via the peaks and troughs
of 4 'ages'… 4 Hills of learning. The first period or 'hill' being the 'birth and early
life, the second being puberty and young life, the third is adulthood, and the
final or fourth Hill of Learning being their wisdom years in the autumn of their
existence here on earth.


Handed down through the ages by word of mouth, 'medicine men', rudimentary
pictures and drawings in caves, totem pole crafting, and storytelling around
glowing camp fires, their forefathers' legacies survive to tell their tales. Likewise
their wisdom and teachings pervade the truths and learning of every civilisation
and each generation here on earth...acquired from both the past and present.

A gift of learning and wisdom for the future...
... for our children and our children's children!


Project Notes:

Written in conjunction with Arapaho Nation Chiefs in Wyoming, (USA) for Children
of the World. Already has prior interest in principle of both National Geographic
& Discovery TV Channels




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