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Originally the founding creator of Unizarre Productions along with CEO David Bowles
, Paul is an experienced and qualified professional Actor/ as well as Director/Stuntman, Cameraman and SFX (Special Effects) and Props/Set Designer.


With experience at top level on all disciplines with additional expertise in areas of Stunt work, Special Effects, Martial Arts, Hand weaponry and Fire-arms he is at the centre of the nuts and bolts of the Unizarre Organisation.

Credits to date cover everything from the originating creative processes to Director and Stuntman (action sequences in films such as work on ’Dust’            (feature by Palm Oil Productions); ‘Firestar’ (science fiction and sfx feature film by Tansley Pictures; Panther motorcycles; Barratts houses (Helicopter Stunts & absails); ‘The Quest’, Moonstalker, & GBH (by Ice Film Productions), Blind Side of God, Coronation Street, and many others.

In total he has amassed work and credits on over 170 films and numerous Theatrical productions to date. ‘Star’ names he has worked with include celebrities such as Anthony Perkins, Rod Steiger (’The Glory Boys‘), Oliver Tobias, Donald Pleasance, and so on. His ‘creative’ vision has led to him making numerous special commissions such as Daleks and unusual masks, models, and props/costumes for film and tv productions, Sci-Fi Modelling and Sets.

Stunt Co-ordination and Safety is a central focus for Paul in his work and even more so when it comes to the dangers and potential life-threatening film and television stunts such as ‘fire walking’ (With specially tailored ‘fire suits’ built to withstand immense temperatures designed to repel flame and sustain several minutes within real flames as a ‘fireball’ In short, he is the invaluable founding partner of the Unizarre ‘team’ without which none of this would have started.


His later association with long time friend and business partner David Bowles
(Actor/Writer / Producer and President / CEO of Unizarre) has resulted in a specialised ‘team’ of unique talents and abilities with over 60 years combined experience between them in the film stage and television industries.



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