(Greece-based Production Company)

The "PISSANOS" organization was established in Athens in 1955 by its founder and
owner Paul Pissanos. It has produced hundreds of television programs for Greek and
foreign networks. A select group of academics, university professors, archaeologists,
historians, philosophers and researchers belong to the company's scientific team for
the production of documentaries focusing on ancient Greek civilization, philosophy,
literature, the arts and the sciences.

The organization is fully equipped with its own computerized facilities and specialized
personnel for the creation of special effects. Numerous ancient Greek cities, ancient
temples and markets, buildings and stadiums have been constructed, and continue to
be constructed, in the company's creative department, to meet the needs of the
educational documentaries.

For years now the company has participated with its own stand at MIP-TV and
MIP-COM in Cannes, promoting and selling exclusively its own productions, details
of which can be found by following the link below.

Since 1980, the "PISSANOS" organization has also been involved with importing
and distributing foreign television series and films to TV channels in Greece.
In addition, it has been collaborating with the national television network ERT S.A.
since 1966, providing them with a variety of educational and children's programs.

The leverage of Pissanos International, along with their affiliations to their long term
International Distribution allies and partners such as Arcadia & Sanyo Entertainment,
will allow Unizarre exclusive access to the Pissanos facilities


This co-operation will greatly assist in optimising immediate and positive Sales in
both Mediterranean and European markets plus additional subsequent and possibly
simultaneous market penetration into UK, USA, and International sectors; thus
ensuring a speedy and substantial return on their investments to all funders.



(International Financial & Tax Planning Advisors)

Headed up by renowned investment and taxation guru STEVEN BOLD, international tax
advisor to numerous 'blue chip' major corporations and wealthy private clients.

Steven has a vast amount of global financial experience including also over 25 years
former experience with the Inland Revenue specialising in the complex field of
Film & Television Funding/Taxation.

He is at the helm of all funding/tax/equity dealing for Unizarre's portfolio.


(Leading International Animation, Games, and SFX specialists)

Based out of Molinere's famous studios in the heart of London, Darkside's major
international credits include:

They also worked in close association with Black Mirror (see below) to develop
the unique 'monster' concepts for MEDUSA (Unizarre's new feature film project.)




(Cutting-edge CGI and animation design)

The brainchild of Jean-Marc Van Rijswick, TBM are at the leading edge in CGI and
SFX design. Based in Arles, France, their work can be seen on numerous adverts
and films and always shows an innovative approach to design and implementation.


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