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David Bowles (Unizarre) elected Honorary member of Olympus Association and multi-billion dollar
HEPTAPOLIS project. Click link below to view global project overview

Cannes Brochure

Investors/Co-Producers click Cannes Brochure link to view 'key' projects for investment/co-production.

You can also find out more about 'AXA' our multi-million dollar flagship project at AXA's dedicated page:

UK £2 Million EIS/Investment scheme launched for new TV Series:

'CHILLERS' : Launch of new UK£2Million investment/EIS scheme for gripping psychological
terror TV Series. 'Twist in tale' stories of ghosts and the supernatural. Producers: Unizarre in association
with Beaucoup Films. Investment being sought. Cannes Brochure

Other Projects Available for Investment & Co-Production Deals:

'LUSITANIA: NEST OF SPIES' : Feature: Target Budget: US$25Million. Epic ocean-going war movie based on
true accounts of 1915 voyage of the ill-fated Lusitania . Voyage of spies and subterfuge at their deadliest.
In development. Script available. Investment being sought. Cannes Brochure

'KILL THE WRITER' : US$5Million Feature film. Taut psychological thriller based in Louisiana, USA.
Strong interest from Distributors & Sales agents. USA Director and USA Producer already attached.
In development. Script available. Investment being sought. http://www.killthewriter.com/

'MIRROR MIRROR': Hard-hitting American TV series dramatising the growing worldwide epidemic of
domestic violence. From true-life case files, and in association with Unizarre's film partners in USA,
the series aims to elevate public and political awareness of the problem both in the USA and
around the world. Investment being sought. [ more information ]

'ANGRY' : Terror-filled thriller feature starring Bo Svenson ('Inglorious Basterds' and other famed credits).
Already produced. A partnership between Unizarre International and Swedish producers Penguin Films
and writer/producer Jesper P.Lindstrom. Produced & Released 2010. http://www.angrythemovie.com/