Feature film budget $20m US

  Opening on the nightmarish landscape of the trenches along the
Belgian Front in 1914, the story traces the events in Irish ex-boxer DOYLE's life. Mistakenly
convicted of looting, but escaping his executioners, he flees - remorselessly pursued by
one of the guards he left in his wake - wounded, crippled and obsessed with revenge.


The story then follows this relentless pursuit. Doyle finds passage on a Dutch ship, which
is carrying arms for the IRA's struggle. The ship is sunk by the British within sight of the
shore. Doyle survives and seeks refuge with an old flame, but is arrested at the time of
the Easter Uprising. Sinn Fein rebels attack the prison convoy and Doyle escapes again.


The story then traces Doyle's movements across Ireland - helped and hidden by friends
both old and new, pursued by merciless Black And Tan mercenaries. Doyle faces danger,
loss and betrayal along the way. A final confrontation with his nemesis has Doyle fighting
for his life - and for the woman he loves. Once his demons are laid to rest, Doyle encounters
a symbol of hope for the future of his country - and himself!


A major international feature film currently gaining considerable momentum and interest
both in the UK and in the USA.  Like MINER, this project is also under auspices of Hollywood
Producer Dianne Dreyer  ( 'Pieces of April' & 'You've Got Mail' ) . Poetry used written in
consultation with Laurie Lee ('Cider With Rosie').


Respected actor Nigel Havers
is attached to the project in a
major role.