Feature film - 1st part of the "Mythica" project.

html5 video by ThunderSoft Medusa. The Gorgon. Hair of writhing serpents. Petrifying gaze.
A monster. Something unclean, unnatural. Something for a hero to slay and be proud of
having done so...

Well, so the story would initially suggest - but there is so much more than these simple,
salacious facts. If we were to talk about a beautiful woman punished for an act
perpetrated on her against her wishes, a cruel and hideous fate dealt her for the sins
of others, then perhaps we may see another side of Medusa.

Unizarre's production of "Medusa" will explore some of these oft-forgotten elements
of the legend. Much will still seem familiar - some less so.



Although Unizarre see "Mythica" as being comprised of multiple feature films and a follow-up TV series,
all the great classical Greek sagas will be viewed from alternative perspectives....the legend of Medusa
being a terrifyingly fascinating one to explore first.

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